Stop Looking For Faults, Start Looking For Good

One of the characteristics of people who are not doing very well with their lives is, they are top complainers and whiners. They never can find anything good about their lives and the environment they find themselves. Folks what you focus on, expands and successful people are using this to their advantage.

Haven’t you notice that successful people never talk about how bad the economy is, how high things in the market have gone up, or how many bad breaks they are having? Instead they focus on what’s good, what’s working, or what’s beautiful about them…they always try to find the good in every situation they find themselves in.

Do you want to end this year on high note? Develop the habit of finding the good in every situation. Stop talking about the negative things around you. Stop looking for the things that ain’t working in your life. If you are a Christian, you should be familiar with a powerful scripture that says, Ask and it shall be given to you, knock and the door shall be open to you, seek and you shall find. So here is a question for you, what are you seeking in your life?

Most of us are always looking, and seeking for the out points and negative things, and since God’s word must be fulfilled, we are never disappointed in our search. There are girls that believe that every guy that approach them for a relationship is a cheat and will lair to them, and somehow they help their prophecies to be fulfilled.

Take a look at your life, what you have more of is, will point you to the direction of where your focus has been. If you must see the things you desire in your life manifested, then Instead of complaining about what you don’t like about your job, relationship, marriage, school, business etc, start commending what you do like and see how quickly it improves.

Remember, it’s easy to find fault with any situation, event or things. It is also easy to allow the things you dislike to dominate your thoughts and for you to overlook the fact that the things you dislike about your work, marriage, relationship, school etc are really a very small percentage of things taking place in your life. Make it a point to find something good in your life every day and it will surprise you just how beautiful your life is.

One thought on “Stop Looking For Faults, Start Looking For Good”

  1. Brilliant post! It’s all a matter of choice and not of destiny. For example, the hawk chooses to focus on dead animals while the eagle chooses to focus on living animals. Someone once said, “What we focus on the longest becomes the strongest.”


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