God’s Ways are Higher

Someone asked me recently, “Why do you talk of the God factor in your posts, and who says one can’t succeed with Him?”

Well here is my response; it is my strong opinion that you may read many good books, hear much motivational, inspirational or personal development messages or messages and make strong personal resolutions and goals, if you don’t have the spirit of God consciously active in your life, you will not reach true greatness.

God makes it easy, so why do you want to labour and struggle when free guidance and help is available to you? While it is good to fill your mind with rich and valuable information on self help, their true value to you will depend on whether you make practical use of what you have leaned.

My friend, God’s ways are higher than your ways, and He is constantly pouring out His inexhaustible ideas and solutions to everyone who will dare reach out to take and use them…why not that be you? Greatness is possible for you. You have a goodly heritage, but to access it you must first claim it.

Live your greatest life!

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