Think Forward, Move Forward

oldest runnerWe have been told in the Bible that “we have a goodly heritage”, “a hope and a future” a glorious future, yet many of us after months and years of hustling, striving and pursuing our goals don’t seem to be getting any nearer to living these promises. What then could be wrong?

For some of you, if you really want to be, do or have this glorious existence that has been promised us, you must leave your past behind. One of the reasons why you are not making it now is you spend too much time in the past. Friends except the past inspires you to do things better and work smarter, you must stop going back to relive it.

Be done with regrets over missed opportunities, seeming failures and bitter disappointments except they serve to warn you of their reoccurrence. Be done with thinking about “what might have been” or “what might have happened”, “had I done this and that” and think only of what shall be or what shall happen.

Think forward and look forward. Let your motto be to look ever forward and expect great things to happen in the future. God’s word says all things turn around for good to them that love God. Do you love God? Then be rest assured that even the failures and disappointments of the past have miracle seeds in them and they will turn out to be blessings in disguise for you. Trust God that no good opportunity is ever lost or withheld from you.

Direct all your thoughts and resources to doing great thongs in the future. No matter how colourful your past has been, your future is more colourful. Whatever you may have lost in the past can be regained in the future if you look ahead, work for it and trust God. All will be well with you! Live your greatest life!

Today is the day you claim your birthright, to do your best work, to achieve all of which you are capable of, and to aspire to reach greater heights.

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