Commitment Brings Luck

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2015 is about to end. For most of us, we are still far away from our goals…if we had any. You see I have discovered that a lot of people that claim to have goals don’t have any at all, they only have wishes but unfortunately wishes hardly get fulfilled in this life. The only thing that gets fulfilled is a dream/goal/vision that is backed by action.

When I interact with people, most of them wish and hope that next year will be better than this year. Guys next year won’t be better than this year if you keep doing what you are doing. The only way next year will be better for you is if you determine to make it so by taking deliberate steps to change your life.

Success in life demands constant push and efforts. People who depend on luck/wishes are always disappointed. Think about this, don’t you think you have waited too long to be lucky before you start? Imagine how your life would have been transformed; imagine the things you would’ve accomplished, the places you would’ve gone had you started on your dreams already.

I know folks who have had dreams of doing business for years now, yet they never start. Recently I was speaking with one of them and he was reeling excuses on why he hadn’t done anything about his dream for 3 years now. He told me he needed resources to start in a grand way. When I heard that, I felt really sad for him.

Friends don’t delude yourself with the belief that you would do better with larger opportunities while neglecting the small ones now. In doing small things or in beginning small, you are preparing yourself for the big opportunities to come. One of the biggest lies you can tell yourself is to think that you will do better work and make greater efforts under other circumstances while not making use of the things you have now.

Until you make the most of today’s chances, opportunities and resources you are not fit to handle tomorrow’s. Stop waiting for perfect conditions. Live your greatest life now!

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