You Become What You Envision Yourself to Be

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You become what you envision yourself to be. This statement is so true yet most people don’t realize it because they go about seeing themselves as poor, good for nothing, unlucky and so forth and that is why nothing good ever happens in their lives.

What about you, how do you see yourself despite what is going on around you? Do you let the attitude of others; your environment; your circumstances affect you to the point where you see yourself so small? Friends, I hear people say this of themselves when things go downwards; “Poor little old me” unfortunately for these folks that is the direction their lives will go as they will end up becoming poor, little and old.

Next time you stand in front of the mirror try and look beyond your scars, your present situation and envision yourself in the future that God created you to be. Look God told Abraham lift up your eyes and look, because as far as you can see, that will I give you as an inheritance. Stop letting where you are define where you will be. Stop letting where you have been determine where you are going.

You can be anything you determine to be if you can see yourself getting there. Stop calling yourself or allowing other people to classify you as poor, unlucky, broke, uneducated, unfortunate, disadvantaged, disabled, or whatever negative name they have given you. Determine from today that you are going to live your greatest life and become that which God has created you to be. The goodness and riches of God are not reserved for a few others, they are yours for the taking also.

You can become, do or have anything and everything you desire as long as you can picture yourself there. One major barrier holding a lot of folks back from achieving their dreams is they are always thinking about “HOW”. Stop thinking and worrying about how you will get the money; how you will get the contacts; how you will get the support; how you will find the way.

Stop trying to figure out how. Knowing HOW is not yours to figure out, that is God’s responsibility. He is the God that makes a way where there is none. He makes roads across the oceans; he makes rivers in the desert. And He can make your dreams come true…as long as you can dream them and believe that HE can do it for you. God will surely crown your year with His goodness.

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