Look Inside That Obstacle For Opportunity

look inside that adversity is an opportunityAre you faced with an obstacle or challenge and you are confused on what to do or what decision to make and so your life is completely enveloped in discouragement, disappointment and the failure or your plans?

Friends, obstacles and challenges are part of life, as everyone no matter how highly spiritual or full of faith can have a life without difficulties and challenges of some sort. But the good news is that they are never permanent however hurting or destructive they may seem.

Unfortunately so many people have been held back because of the obstacles on their paths. Are you one of those? What is holding you back? Is it the physical? – your size, age, height, distance, disability, money. Or is it mental? – Fear, uncertainty, inexperience, prejudice, education. Or is it spiritual? – Bewitchment, Devil, evil manipulations etc.

Perhaps people don’t take you seriously, or you think you are too old or too young ,or you lack support and resources, or the laws and regulations restrict your options, or obligations and responsibilities, or your false goals and self doubts.

Agreed these are all obstacles and I am not trying to deny them. But with everyone of these obstacles there has been someone who has faced them too. If you look around you, you may know or have heard or read about athletes whose size was too small. Someone who was classified as a dreamer because of his/her ideas. School dropouts. Bastards. Or those who came from nothing or worse, from places where their livelihood and existence where threatened on a daily basis.

Most of them with these challenges gave up like you (or as you are considering to do now), but some of them rose twice as good as the challenge. They practiced harder, worked harder on their skills and dreams. Like ants, they looked for another way round their challenges.  They fell many times, got kicked about and laughed at a lot.

Yet in spite of it all they never gave up. They knew that within every obstacle is an opportunity, so they seized and did something special with their lives from it.

And this is what we must do too. Whether you having trouble in your job/business, fighting against injustice, getting low on funds, stuck in a bad relationship, facing an aggressive competitor, having a tough student, experiencing creative block. You must know that there is a way and going back is never an option.

We must move persistently, determinedly, everlastingly to face towards our goal whether we can see it or not. This is our only chance of overcoming our difficulties. If we turn about face, turn our back on our goal, we are headed toward disaster. No matter how many obstacles may block your path, or how dark the way, if you look up, think up, and struggle up, you can’t help succeeding. Whatever you do for a living push ahead.

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