No Challenges, No Glory

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The economy, dollar exchange rates, fuel scarcity, Epileptic power supply have all become our national chorus as a people.

I didn’t grow up meeting a time when the economy had been stable, where we’ve had steady power supply, or where the naira had ever been at par with the dollar. All through my life, things hadn’t ever worked properly in Nigeria. And if you are a young person also, you will agree with me too.

It then amazes me why we often use these factors as excuses why we are not achieving results. I feel the brunt of all these too, but my focus is never on what is not working, but on how to make the best of every situation.

For those of you who know my story, I have shared many times the challenges I had to go through growing up, from moving from living in luxury to experiencing extreme poverty where one couldn’t afford 3 square meals. I remember a certain Easter where we had to eat beans because that was the only food we had since my parents couldn’t afford to buy rice at the time. Continue reading No Challenges, No Glory

Why are You Alive?

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There is nothing more sad and sickening that to see a person who nurses a dream, an ambition, always wishing and hoping, but never doing anything about it. He nurses the flickering dream, but never lets it break out into flame.

Some of you are that way. You talk and think about having a second income, or owning your own business, or pursuing your dreams.

Or maybe you have private dreams in other areas: you want to go back to school to pursue another degree; you have a small business and you are thinking about expanding; you want to travel abroad; you want to start a career of becoming a speaker or writing a book.

I could go on and on with this list. Too many of you dream but you never dare say I can and I will put my dreams out there by taking action no matter how small the efforts may be, because you are afraid to fail. Continue reading Why are You Alive?

The Power of Consistency

One reason why we don’t make any impact with our work is the fact that we are not consistent. We expect results too quickly and so we give up when are frustrated at the delays and little challenges we experience.

Watch this video and be inspired to plodd on and keep doing what you’re doing. Results often come at the point we give up:

Let me hear your thoughts and takes on the video. Please feel free to share if you have been blessed.

Turn Your Talents Into Profits

In the parable of the talents which Jesus taught in the gospel of Matthew, A travelling master gave out talents to his three servants, with the instruction that they should turn the talents around and make some profits. According to the story, the master gave one of the servants five talents and the other he gave two while another got one, all according to their abilities.

While the ones that got five and two each where able to turn their around and increased their profits by 100% the guy that one talent just dug a hole and buried his, simply because he thought what was given him wasn’t good enough for him. He complained about his master’s bias, his preference of his colleagues to him.

Now the reason I brought this story up is because a lot of us are like this bitter servant who got one talent. We have been endowed with gifts/talents/passions by God yet we do nothing about them. instead we sit and whine and complain about the unfairness of the government policies in our countries, we complain about our families and their lack of attention towards us, we are so bitter yet we are endowed.

Folks we live in a time where there so many possibilities in fact the possibilities are limitless, even in the poorest of the countries of the world, it is still possible for you to become successful even without an education. The internet and the social media have created an equal opportunity base for everyone irrespective of their social status. Continue reading Turn Your Talents Into Profits

Back Your Dreams With Action

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Just recently I was asked by a man, why in spite of his strong faith in God and his string desire for success, he doesn’t have any success in his life, all his dreams and desires remain unfulfilled? I looked at him and I was genuinely sorry for him, because I could see how passionately he talked about his desires.

After waiting for him to finish speaking, I asked him, what he has done in order to get what he want? How many hours he has put in to work out his dreams and desires? And he gave me an answer that I see as the reason why he hasn’t been successful; he wasn’t doing everything it takes to succeed. He wasn’t going out to put in massive action equivalent to his desires and faith.

Folks the reason why many people fail to realize their dreams/goals is that they are not willing to do their part to make it real. People pray, fast, visualize, affirm, but they don’t back these up with any physical action. “The longing, the desire to do a anything is merely sowing the seed of ambition.” Continue reading Back Your Dreams With Action

1 Key to Success: Visualization


One reason why most of our lives are the way they are right now is because we are afraid to live our dreams. We are afraid to desire success and go after it; and imagine what having real success will make us feel. We are so used to putting our confidence on the things and circumstances that are happening around us, how overwhelming life has become that we fail to realize that we have within us the power to change our lives and our present circumstances. – our minds.

Instead of believing in our inner abilities and power that God has given us, we spend our entire lives focusing and believing in our powerlessness, our limitations and restrictions. We defuse our powers and our capacity to effect positive change in our lives with our negative thinking and lack of faith.

We focus only on the obstacles in our path; our lack of money and connections and we forget that any human working with God is greater than any obstacle or opposition on his or her path. Until you begin to see yourself getting out of that situation, you can never come out of it. You will instead be buried by that challenge like many folks have done. Continue reading 1 Key to Success: Visualization