Back Your Dreams With Action

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Just recently I was asked by a man, why in spite of his strong faith in God and his string desire for success, he doesn’t have any success in his life, all his dreams and desires remain unfulfilled? I looked at him and I was genuinely sorry for him, because I could see how passionately he talked about his desires.

After waiting for him to finish speaking, I asked him, what he has done in order to get what he want? How many hours he has put in to work out his dreams and desires? And he gave me an answer that I see as the reason why he hasn’t been successful; he wasn’t doing everything it takes to succeed. He wasn’t going out to put in massive action equivalent to his desires and faith.

Folks the reason why many people fail to realize their dreams/goals is that they are not willing to do their part to make it real. People pray, fast, visualize, affirm, but they don’t back these up with any physical action. “The longing, the desire to do a anything is merely sowing the seed of ambition.”

As a farmer, if you just plant seeds in the ground without spending time to cultivate and nurture the seeds, you are going to have very poor harvest. And so it is too with our dreams and goals, you must back your desire up with action. You must make the effort to get your dreams out there.

The mere holding your dreams and desires in your head, no matter how spirit-filled, or how strongly and persistently you hold in your head, you will never manifest them physically without acting on them. “Faith without works is dead.”

Live your greatest life!

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