Turn Your Talents Into Profits

In the parable of the talents which Jesus taught in the gospel of Matthew, A travelling master gave out talents to his three servants, with the instruction that they should turn the talents around and make some profits. According to the story, the master gave one of the servants five talents and the other he gave two while another got one, all according to their abilities.

While the ones that got five and two each where able to turn their around and increased their profits by 100% the guy that one talent just dug a hole and buried his, simply because he thought what was given him wasn’t good enough for him. He complained about his master’s bias, his preference of his colleagues to him.

Now the reason I brought this story up is because a lot of us are like this bitter servant who got one talent. We have been endowed with gifts/talents/passions by God yet we do nothing about them. instead we sit and whine and complain about the unfairness of the government policies in our countries, we complain about our families and their lack of attention towards us, we are so bitter yet we are endowed.

Folks we live in a time where there so many possibilities in fact the possibilities are limitless, even in the poorest of the countries of the world, it is still possible for you to become successful even without an education. The internet and the social media have created an equal opportunity base for everyone irrespective of their social status.

So instead of complaining about your lack of many skills and talents, think about what you can do, and how you can turn your talents/passions into profits. And in most of my seminars and teachings I am helping people take their talents into the market place so that they can live the glorious lives they were created to be.

You live in a world where none of your excuses are valid anymore, because there thousands if not millions of people out there whose situations are far worse than yours who have proven that the only requirement you need to be successful is being alive, so why are you wasting your aliveness? Get up and do something with your life. If you don’t know how, you can always find out how especially with all this big data available today.

Every gift/talent/skill/passions that God has given you can be turned into profits for you. Don’t waste your life thinking your gifts don’t matter. They matter and you matter!

Live your greatest life

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