No Challenges, No Glory

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The economy, dollar exchange rates, fuel scarcity, Epileptic power supply have all become our national chorus as a people.

I didn’t grow up meeting a time when the economy had been stable, where we’ve had steady power supply, or where the naira had ever been at par with the dollar. All through my life, things hadn’t ever worked properly in Nigeria. And if you are a young person also, you will agree with me too.

It then amazes me why we often use these factors as excuses why we are not achieving results. I feel the brunt of all these too, but my focus is never on what is not working, but on how to make the best of every situation.

For those of you who know my story, I have shared many times the challenges I had to go through growing up, from moving from living in luxury to experiencing extreme poverty where one couldn’t afford 3 square meals. I remember a certain Easter where we had to eat beans because that was the only food we had since my parents couldn’t afford to buy rice at the time.

I also remember how as a 13 year old boy I had to fill up pot holes on a federal road with a couple of friends, and wave at drivers to throw money at us for making the road a bit accessible for them.

At every stage of my life I faced challenges. In the university, I couldn’t complete my degree as when due. These were very difficult periods for me. I felt shame, pain and embarrassment but I never gave up.

Today I find people everywhere giving up on life because of challenges, I meet people who are hoping that the challenges they are facing will miraculously go away, but that isn’t how the world works guys.

If you are going through difficulties right now, remember that, it isn’t the end of the world for you. Nothing good ever comes easy, and just like if you are digging for gold, you are going to move tons of dirt just to get an ounce of gold, but your focus is always on the gold and not on the dirt.

Remember the phrase, no guts no story? I tell you too, no challenges, no glory. There are reasons you have to face these challenges, and one of the reasons so that it makes your story beautiful.

Tomorrow when you tell your life story, you will come to appreciate the importance of the challenges you are facing now. Hold on. Don’t give up. Rise and grind!

Live your greatest life!

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