Can We Really Be Anything We Want to Be?

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I bet most of you have heard the phrase “you can be anything you want to be if you try hard enough” and you probably have been saying it and repeating it to others as well. Well you are not alone as I have been saying it to myself and to others during my motivational speeches.

Can we really be anything we want to be? Like most people I believed and lived the maxim “we can be anything we want to be if we try hard enough.” I spent most of my life trying to proof that I could be whatever I focused my heart on. I tried fitting my round life into a square hole with effort and belief.

For instance, right from my primary school days, I struggled with numbers and mathematics, yet my parents, made sure I spent more time trying to become good at it. And it worked! I became good at mathematics, enrolled into the science class in my secondary school and ended up studying architecture in the university.

But the reality is, while I was a good science student and a good architecture student, I wasn’t a great one. But my performances and achievement in that area may be acceptable to the majority of the world, considering just how many people have been conditioned to accept an average existence as being okay and normal, I couldn’t accept it.

Well now you know one of the reasons I blog, speak and train people “to live their greatest lives.”

The truth that we should know, especially parents, who spend so much time and money trying to improve their child’s weak talent and gift areas, instead of trying to strengthen the child strong areas is that, “a person who always struggled with numbers is unlikely to be a great Accountant or Statistician. And a person without much natural empathy will never be able to comfort an agitated customer in the warm and sincere way that the great empathizers can.

Even the legendary Michael Jordan, who embodied the power of raw talent on a basketball court, couldn’t become the “Michael Jordan” of golf of baseball, no matter how hard he tried.” – Tom Rath, Author Strength Finder 2.0

Folks if you want to be great, then put most of your energy and resources into developing your natural talents, skills, and capabilities in your strong areas – therein lie your greatness.

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