Who Do You Have Around?

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I have always emphasized the value of people – friends, family, colleagues, and associates in our success journey. And you really people if you must succeed but you don’t need everybody or too many people. What is required and should be nurtured is strategic relationships.

Take for instance in my case, where I moved into a new city without any connections, and very little resources that ended in my first month of settling into the city. I wouldn’t have come this far if I hadn’t had support from the wonderful people God brought my way.

Folks again you need people! But if they wandering aimlessly through life and encouraging you to spend less time on your purpose you need to flee from them. Just because someone was your best friend since childhood, or you guys used to play football and pluck mango fruits together back in the day doesn’t mean they still have to be around you today in your journey to purpose if they cannot see where you are going.

Your colleagues in the office or school that always invite you to hangout after work or classes may be interfering with your dreams and purpose. Think about it, each night you return “high”, when do you now focus on working on your dreams? The “bae” or “boo” that wants to see you every time not minding that you have to spend time on your dreams may be interfering on your success, so you just need to part with them.

My advice may sound harsh and difficult for someone but it’s very necessary if you must succeed and trust me this is even scriptural. The scriptures say that if your hand or eye may cause you not to enter the kingdom of God, you should pluck or cut it off. That is the attitude that is required when dealing with our distracting relationships.

I know some of you still my advice to be too strict, may be because of your teachings on love and selflessness, but I believe it isn’t selfish or loveless to prioritize your life in other to have your destiny or dreams fulfilled.

Life is full of distractions, and some of the worst distracters are the people around us, and if we must succeed we must find a way to deal with these distractions and one way is letting everyone know just how much your purpose in life means to you by making it a priority.

When people don’t know that your dream/purpose is a priority, they can get you side tracked with other issues. They may not have any evil intentions; they just feel they have other plans and ideas for your time and life.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts.

Live your greatest life!


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