Work Your Faith

Photo Credit: motivation-dldunton.blogspot.comMost times during my speaking engagements or interaction with people, I always find people who are dissatisfied with their lives and frequently take out their frustration on the people around them;  their family, their community, or their church etc.

I meet a lot of people who don’t attend church services anymore, some have even lost the faith because according to them, they used to be very devoted, had a lot of faith, prayed, fasted, loved others, read their bibles daily, yet they never saw results in their lives. So they thought, what’s the point to keep professing their faith when they can’t show any proof it works.

For me, God works. Faith works. But you need to also apply work and action even the scriptures say faith without works is dead. It is not enough for you to have faith and believe that you will become great in life or succeed according to God’s word. You must take some steps toward greatness.

When you have believed in your heart and developed your faith, the next thing to do is you must begin to physically express that faith through the things you do. You are already great in your mind’s eyes but you are not yet doing any great thing on the outside.

We must also know that no matter how big our dreams and imaginations are, we just cannot instantly begin to do great things or achieve huge successes. We must be willing to start small.

Everything big began small. If your dream is to be a CEO of a fortune 500 company, you must be willing to start small in the company and grow up because except you already have the resources, name, experiences and connection, nobody will hire you at that level.

I know someone who for the past five years have been dreaming and talking about a certain business he wants to do, but as I write this, he hasn’t begun yet because he doesn’t want to start small. He tells me of the many prophecies concerning his greatness and how if he has the capital he needs; he will explode and be the next big thing.

Each time I meet him, I tell him; “start with what you have! The giant oak tree was once an acorn.” Folks this is the secret of being great. You can be great where you are in your home, your small business/office, in your unknown school, in your neighbourhood, anywhere; just begin to do everything you do in a great way.

Put in your all and best efforts into everything every assignment, business or job no matter how small or belittling it is right now. Because God’s word says he who is faithful in little things shall be given even greater opportunities to perform.

Stop going about town bragging about how good you are, simply show the world with your actions. “No one will believe you if you tell him you are a great man, but no one will doubt your greatness if you show it in your actions…in all your relations with men be great, just, generous, courteous, and kindly. The great are never otherwise.”

Live your greatest lives!


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