It’s Easier With God

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“My salvation and glory depend on God, my strong rock. My refuge is in God.” – Psalm 62: 7

Look at the quote above, can you say that about yourself? Lots of books, teachings, and people will tell us we have to depend on ourselves; we must be self-sufficient to succeed. But God says we should put all our trust in him, and we shouldn’t lean on our own understanding, for he knows the paths that lie ahead of us.

You desire success? Trust me it’s easier with God than with man or yourself because with God comes favour and help from men which ordinarily you may not have in spite of the resources expend. Each of us have the spirit of God inside us, so depend upon that spirit for results, because when you depend on yourself or others, you place yourself in touch with only the lesser forces on earth, and so you labour more and accomplish less; but when you depend on the spirit of God, you place yourself in touch with the greater powers within and you will have greater results with less efforts.

I have had lots of troubles and struggles in life trying to apply my own wisdom and the many techniques I learned from books and seminars, but the times I obeyed, and not lean on my own understanding and instead trusted God for judgement and guidance, I find doors that I ordinarily wouldn’t have had access to, just open up to me.

Today, I have a TV show running, I have been featured on many local radio stations as well as some leading newspapers in Nigeria, and as I look back, none of those opportunities came because of my wisdom, I could see the hand of God bringing me help from people who didn’t even know me, but who on first encounter with me liked me and the story I had to share with the world.

Constantly depending on God makes available to us the limitless wisdom and power of God to us, and we thereby become larger and stronger in all elements of our being, rising ever in the scale, gaining ground and influence continuously. If you haven’t yet tried it, it isn’t late, why don’t you start now?

Live your greatest life!


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