What are You Living For? What are You Working For?


Each time I tell someone I left my paid job to help others succeed in spite of their setbacks, and help young people find meaning in their lives, I get this look on their faces that says “you are crazy” and some of them actually voice it out and ask me what I was thinking, and how will what I am doing pay me. In fact a journalist who was interviewing me had to ask me if this mission of mine actually puts food on my table.

In a country like mine where there are very few jobs; and where working in the sector where I was is a dream of almost half  of our population, people think those of us who dare quit are stupid, and wasted the slots of others. When we talk of work the first thing that enters people’s mind is how much money will come to me at the end of the end? Nobody ever wants to work for free, or do some form of humanitarian service today. Even most of the non-profits around here are in just because of the money coming in from donors and foreign aids. “It’s really about the Benjamin” here.

Money is good, in fact I need lots of money for my voice to heard and my message to reach the young people who really need to hear my story. But I don’t live for nor work for money, instead I live for a great purpose, and every day I hold central idea of my purpose constantly in my mind, so that I am always reminded why I am alive; especially in the days when things seem to be going against me and the pressures and struggles appear so real.

Folks to live for a great purpose is to live a great life, and the greater your life, the greater the good that you will receive from life. Trust me since I started on this path, I have access to help and people that ordinarily wouldn’t have come to me, but my message and work attracted them and open the great doors I now walk into daily.

What are you living for? What are you working for? If money wasn’t coming in like it is for you right now will you still be rendering that service, smiling at someone, showing others around you love? Lots of folks are just in it only for the benefits they get as soon as the pipes shut out, they quit. But this shouldn’t be the case with you. Be different!

Don’t just work for yourself; work for your greatest purpose. The greater the idea for which you work, the greater will be your work ; and it is he who does the greatest work that does the most for everybody, himself included. When your work is great you become a great power for good among many, and at the same time you do more for yourself than you could possibly do in any other manner.

“When you begin to live and work for a great purpose, you become a living part of that movement in the world that determines the greater destiny of man; you become one of the chief elements upon which will depend the future of countless generations yet to be ; you become one of the chosen, of the Most High.” Think about this!

Live your greatest life!

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