Are Comfort Zones Comfortable?

Photo Credit: flickr.comAre comfort zones really that comfortable? I doubt that! The major reason why we remain in our comfort zones isn’t because where we are is so comfortable, but it is because we are afraid. We are afraid of starting over, afraid of failing, afraid of succeeding, afraid of the time it will take and the energy/money/resources we will expend and therefore we settle for where we are.

But everything in life has a price, even our comfort zones can be very costly in the end. Just like the sad story of a woman who was alledgedly murdered by the husband. As I read that story and the many reactions that have been following it, all I could ask was why didn’t she leave?

Like most Nigerian women I know who are enduring abusive marriages, their response is always, “who will take care of my children when I leave?” But now that she is dead, who will take care of the children?

The things people endure due to fear are just so terrible that you begin to wonder, if they still have their senses intact.

Yours may not be an abusive relationship or marriage. But it is still comfort zone. Why stay in a job that doesn’t satisfy you? Why study a course whose interest has long died in you? Why remain in a business that you are not passionate about? Why remain in the city you are when there are better opportunities out there waiting for you?

Why  manage things that you should let go? why endure torture in the name of love? Why? Why? Why? Because you are comfortable; though you suffer pain, the pain is endurable. Folks life awaits you at the other side, dare to walk out now and seize it while you can.

Don’t pay a great price to live in mediocrity when greatness is possible at about the same price you are paying now. Don’t let fear keep you small or eventually kill you, for fear has killed more people than death itself. Don’t be the next victim.

Share your thoughts with me please.

Live your greatest life!

2 thoughts on “Are Comfort Zones Comfortable?”

  1. So many times we think the “devil we know is better than anything we don’t know.” That is just not true. Change might bear a risk but doing nothing assures that nothing changes and the devil we know can only get worse.


  2. You’re right. I know fear keeps me down and having problems getting out there and starting my own business and keep going on my blog. It’s the how I think I have problems with. The fear is there. How can you make it shrink?
    Women and people of color constantly get the ” no you can’t messages”. It’s difficult.


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