What Problems are You Solving?

Photo credit: flickr.com

In today’s world, those who are leaders in the workplace and marketplace are men and women who have found out how to solve complex problems without even inventing anything new. Why then do some of us think that one needs to invent or create revolutionary device, concept or product before we can be said to have done something original?

Folks you don’t need to invent or create afresh before you can stand out in your industry or market. The most in-demand skill today according to the future of job report of the world economic forum, is complex problem solving. So to stand out, you only just have to find a problem around you, your organization, neighbourhood, state, or country and solve.

Look around you what is wrong? Then go solve it! You may not have invented the airplane, but you possibly can improve something in it to serve us better, you may not have invented the PC or the Smartphone, but you possibly can add something in it to improve its usefulness to us. Okay you are not a tech guy/gal? Maybe you can write or tell an old story from a new point of view, or do an old task in a strangely interesting way. Whatever ideas you carry in you, just go do them!

Just before you come up with the excuse of I am not a genius, remember that solving problems and being innovative doesn’t require you to be a genius, and even the people regarded as geniuses themselves don’t see their activities and achievements as acts of ingenuity but instead a result of sheer had work and consistency.

Every one of us was placed on this earth to solve a problem(s). Each of us have been fashioned for an individual solution/task. There is something in you that isn’t in me, and there is something that only you can do. Why be content to talk about the problems of the world, when you have the solution to the problems inside you, lying idle? Discover your place and fill it, because only the can you be truly alive!

Live your greatest life!

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