Square Peg In a Round Hole? Read This!

Image Source: flickr.com

Most of us are in wrong places in our lives; wrong jobs, wrong careers, wrong courses of study, wrong businesses, wrong churches, wrong neighbourhoods, wrong marriages/relationships. I mean you thought you have found it, only to discover you are a square peg in a round hole.

Maybe you are in that job, business, relationship, school etc because of circumstances or maybe it was your parent’s fault, who decided to train you in the way they ought to go instead of the way you should go. But whatever is the reason why you are in the wrong place in life, the result is always the same – struggles, unhappiness, and ultimately failure.

Every one of us is created with some unique gifts that match a particular field, to be in a certain kind of relationship and if you are out of your place, you may end up struggling all through life. So if you know within you that you don’t fit in where you are, have the courage to move out and head towards your right place. I know you may have invested time, money, and energy but truth is, it is better now.

Well what if you can’t move and start over due to age, health, or any other concern? You may want to ask. Well if that is the case with you, make the best of what you have where you are. Failure is not to be true to the best you know, and the best you may know is to stay where you are and do what you can as well as you can.

People may pity you, mock you, call you name and make faces at you, but never mind them because God looks at what a person is, and not what he has. So just go ahead and do your best and await God’s verdict, because only He has the final say in your life.

Live your greatest life!

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