Daily Wisdom

Do not carry the past with you like a prisoner in chains. So many people go about with their past this way and as a result they are forever stuck and unable to make any progress in life. Every new day, God prepares abundant blessings and opportunities for us, and holding to your past mistakes and failures will prevent you from experiencing these gifts that come with the new day.

According to Micah in the bible, God buries our sins (past) in the depths of the seas and trample them, so why do you now go about fishing your past and taking inventory of them?

No matter how terrible the past was for you, remember God has blotted them out of the book of remembrance; so it isn’t wise for you to engrave them into your heart and feeling horrible as a result. Believe God’s word. Believe in His forgiveness and move on. Don’t live in the past, only learn the lessons it provides to guard against repeating them today or the future when temptation arises.

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