What’s Good About My Life?

Photo Credit: flickr.comI read a story of how one of the great diamond fields of South Africa was discovered; according to the story, one day a tourist entered one of the villages in rural South Africa, and stopped by a little hut to watch a village boy amuse himself by throwing stones in the air. And in the process one of the stones fell at  the tourist’s feet; and he picked it up, and was about to return it to the boy when he saw a flash of light from the stone which caught his attention, and upon closer examination he discovered that the stone was a diamond.

The boy had no clue of the value of the stones he was throwing. To him they were simply objects he could play with. But to the informed tourist, it was a gem of great value hidden in rough coverings.

Just like the boy in the story, most of us don’t realize how much value we have inside us. We look at our lives and think we don’t matter much; we have not talents and skills that are marketable; we have no reason to want to aspire to become great. Continue reading What’s Good About My Life?