Daily Wisdom

Most people complain about their lack of capacity to carry out the assignments God has called them to do; they have ideas, but complain of lack of funds or support, they think they are unqualified for their dreams or purpose. If this is the case with you, I want you to know that God is ready to fill the largest mold we can prepare for Him.

He is ready to equip you for what He has called you to do. All you have to do is just go before Him. God who creates opportunities for you is always ready and able to provide assistance for you. He is ever ready to provide to your aid, all the people, circumstances, events and resources you need to undertake that mission/dream.

Take for example the case of Moses in the Bible, who complained about his lack of eloquence of speech, when God called him to save the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. As he accepted his commission, God provided him with a man who will speak for him. So like Moses, accept your call/dream/assignment, and whatever you lack will be supplied along the way.

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