Daily Wisdom

What words are you speaking? Words are at once most transient and most permanent. They are vehicles of life. We forget the word; we retain the influence which it has communicated. Courage and fear, hope and despair, honour and shame, purity and foulness, reverence and profanity, are carried by our spoken words.

Nothing is so enduring like the words we speak. Jesus once said, heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away, and so also are the words we speak to and about others; the impact of the words live on, long after we may have forgotten we ever spoke them.

Lots of people have had their lives reshaped by the words spoken to them by others. Words are creative, so what are you creating with your words? Are you creating more evils or you are creating more good? Choose to use your words to give hope, inspiration and life to others and yourself rather than adding to their misery. Your words will live, long after you have gone.

3 thoughts on “Daily Wisdom”

  1. Well said, my Dear Vincent!

    And Kudos and Thanks having worked on Your site, as in, We could reach You through the Links.

    Regards and Blessings. Seeking Your Prayers, Yesudas. πŸ™‚


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