Daily Wisdom

Most people complain about their past negative experiences, their failures, their mistakes, and are never able to put these behind them and move forward. But this you must do if you will experience greatness. And you can.

But if you doubt this, and still find yourself beating yourself up over your past, I want you to know that, those experiences were also part of God’s plan to prepare you for the life ahead. Think about this; “Paul never could have written the Epistle to the Galatians if he had not been a proud, haughty, persecuting Pharisee. Saint Augustine never could have written the Confessions if he had not been first the rogue Augustine. Luther never could have pinned the theses on the door of the church at Wittenberg, if he had not been a superstitious monk. John B. Gough never could have been the missionary to two continents in the cause of temperance, and swayed men’s hearts as he did sway them, if he had not lain drunken in the gutter and fought delirium tremens.”

So what can you do to get your life back after you have failed in the past, when all the past influences and all the companions of the present catch in on you? Take the experience of the past, and make it minister to the wisdom and the grace — today, and I dare to say the glory —of the future.


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