Daily Wisdom: It is About What You Do and Not What You Say

Put your principles into practice. It is what you do and not what you say that matters. Stimulate your ideas into action. Dormant ideas and aspirations are of no value when they remain inside you, it is only when they are put into action that they become value to you and the world.

Make your thoughts work for you. Transform your desires into deeds, your resolutions into results. Your personal powers are made paramount by ideals, principles, desires and resolutions. The specific ways in which you use these powers in your daily life will largely determine how successful you become.

Give earnest attention to these vital things, apply them intelligently and you will go forward to inevitable achievement. Success will be yours precisely to the degree that you use your powers right.

5 thoughts on “Daily Wisdom: It is About What You Do and Not What You Say”

  1. This makes me realize that my mentor said many wonderful, encouraging, spiritually uplifting, fruitful and inspiring things. He may not have done half of them, but I was listening to every single word and I was touched, inspired and motivated to make these things happen for me. He was very determined to make it clear that the importance of giving was not in the speaking about giving, but in the actual giving itself. This Gemini imbalance gave me an equalizing balance of heeding the word, but also implementing the actions associated with heeding the word. I feel truly blessed. 😊✨ Thank you for sharing this motivational encouragement.

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