Daily Wisdom: Seasons Change! Enjoy This Moment

Photo Credit: flickr.com

People sometimes are frustrated with their current situation and unhappy about things in their life. What you should do, is know that you caused it and you can change it, with your thoughts! Also, you must understand that there is a time for everything and you should enjoy the moment no matter what. As doing that will change it for the better faster anyway!

Remember there is a time for planting seeds, a time for nurturing and cultivating the soil, a time to pull weeds, a time to water the plants a time for harvest, and a time to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

There is a time to rest and a time to work. There is a time to prepare, train, plan and there is a time to execute your plans and go to battle. No matter where you are and what your situation is you can be happy and fulfilled knowing that the season is going to change and this moment is all you’ve got and there will be none like this. Do it! Enjoy it!

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