What Do You Do When Things Get Tough?

What do you do when things get so tough? I guess this is the question most of us get to ask. Especially in my country right now, with things getting so tough by the day; so much uncertainty, increasing inflation and falling value of our Naira and so on.

I mean everyone is affected by these things, it reminds me of a telenovela back in the days titled “the rich also cry.” The past months have been challenging for me also, struggling to get my radio programme started, and not having the funds to bank roll it.

What do I do? Sometimes I almost quit. I mean in spite of all the positivity and books, I still find myself almost falling. But what keeps me going? I think about the reasons why I am on this path, I think about the people who support me daily; my wife who loves me dearly and I fight!

I keep fighting even though I am weak. I keep trying to take the steps forward even though they are small steps that may not be too far. There are days, like last when I can’t get myself to write any post or continue my other activities, with the bills piling up and I am being hard pressed on every side and just then I will get an email or a comment from someone about how much my work inspires them and all. Words like that may not be much, they may not put food on my table, but they fire me up hold on and keep pushing no matter what.

Other days like today, I look up to God and what He has spoken about my life and work and I am rest assured that He who has spoken it is faithful to complete it.

What do you do when things get tough? Kindly share your thoughts and comments below. Thank you!

One thought on “What Do You Do When Things Get Tough?”

  1. I either make myself read the Bible more or listen to it for free on biblegateway.com. Listening to Psalms and Proverbs and Ecclesiastes makes me feel less alone.

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