Daily Wisdom: It is About What You Do and Not What You Say

Put your principles into practice. It is what you do and not what you say that matters. Stimulate your ideas into action. Dormant ideas and aspirations are of no value when they remain inside you, it is only when they are put into action that they become value to you and the world.

Make your thoughts work for you. Transform your desires into deeds, your resolutions into results. Your personal powers are made paramount by ideals, principles, desires and resolutions. The specific ways in which you use these powers in your daily life will largely determine how successful you become.

Give earnest attention to these vital things, apply them intelligently and you will go forward to inevitable achievement. Success will be yours precisely to the degree that you use your powers right.

Daily Wisdom:Serving God is Your Highest Purpose


Many people talk about their work in life as a higher purpose. There can be no higher purpose than to serve God at all times. Dedicate your life to the service of God! And this can be done in your daily activities whatever they may be.

If it is well to serve God at any time then it is well to serve God at all times. If you should use one of your gifts for the honour of God, then you should use all of your gifts for this great purpose. If it is desirable that you should practise wisdom, purity, and righteousness some of the time, surely it is equally desirable to practise these great virtues all the time.

If it is alright to study the bible sometimes, then it is alright to study the Bible every day. If you can pray to God when you have difficulties, then you should always make out time to pray to God always,

There can be no higher purpose in life than to serve God at all times, in every thought, word and act. It is what you have been called to do, and it is your privilege to do this with your life. Think on these words.

Daily Wisdom: Seize the Moments


Oh how we waste golden moments daily, and yet we claim we don’t have enough time to pursue our dreams. Most of us are familiar with the phrase; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I hear it used every time, in fact it is shared as tweets and posts on facebook too even by those whose life is going nowhere.

Take a look around you and you will crowds of people, restless, uncertain and wandering through life. You will find men and women, boys and girls drifting hour by hour, aiming at nothing and going nowhere.

As for you, be well advised and make sure you fill your life with a definite purpose. Know where you are going and what you wish to accomplish and what means you intend to go about accomplishing that purpose. Make use of the valuable moments that the majority of the unthinking people in our world are throwing away.

Realize how well spent minutes multiply into hours of productive efforts. You have all the time there is, and now is the best time to do the best that is in you.

Get Knowledge!

Vincent Egoro

These words taken from Hosea 4:6 kept ringing in my ears all day: “My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge…” It got me thinking and wondering, how many people have lost their jobs, how many marriages have been wrecked, how many students have flunked tests and examination, simply because they didn’t have the right information. Yet it hasn’t stopped, even this moment people are still in tears, in pains, simply because of one piece of information, one secret, strategy, they didn’t possess. And I can hear them, saying I wish I had known earlier, I wish I hadn’t wasted so much of time doing the wrong stuff, I wish I had spend more time reading instead of watching TV….regrets!

What about you?  Are you making your day count or you are just passing the time? So many of us are passing the time when we should be improving…

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Podcast Episode 8: Are You Asking Enough Questions For Success?

One thing I notice about most successful people I have come in contact with, is their courage in asking for what they want. From asking for favours, to asking for their dues, to making those important calls that will push their businesses or families forward.

And this is also a spiritual law given by Christ Himself in the bible when he said,”Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” While most people have mastered the art of asking God in prayers what they want, they often fail to do the same with their fellow man.

Folks, everyone of us came here naked and empty handed. And this means everything you need to succeed is already in the hands of others, and you must learn to ask if you will ever get it.

Your success is a question away! What do you want? Is it a job, a favour, a wife, a husband, finances, or something else? Whatever it is you want is possible if you just learn to ask.

In this inspiring episode, I discuss more on why you need to be asking questions more, and how you should ask. I encourage you to listen to it and share it with others as well.

Daily Wisdom: If it is to be, it is up to you


Your present and future welfare depends mainly on yourself. Do not look outside for help. Most people rely too much on what others can do for them instead of looking inward first to tap on the internal powers within them.

Do not assume that the influence of others would enable you to accomplish more or do better, if you are not willing to do your own part. Realize that you have within you, all the powers, ability, energy, and resources for building a highly successful life.

There is something in you, a unique ability that others don’t have, and it is your profound duty to discover, develop and use it. Remember the parable of the talents? Just like that ungrateful servant in that parable, you must realize that it isn’t how many talents you have, but what practical use are you making with your one talent.

Stop comparing your life with others and wishing you could have the talents and gifts they have. Instead begin today to make good use of what you have. Whatever is possible for others is also possible for you if you determine make the best of your gifts and opportunities.

Let this inspiring thought give strength and purpose to your life, and ultimately lead you to your rightful position in this world.

Daily Wisdom: Be a Wise Optimist

There are two kinds of optimists, “wise” and “otherwise”, which one are you? The wise optimist not only believes that things will work, but he works diligently to make them so. Unfortunately, many of us fall in the “otherwise” category; we do believe things will work out for us, but on their own since we don’t usually take the steps to match our thoughts with the needed actions.

Today, strive to be the wise optimist. Always believe that all things will work together for you; that the world will favour your actions. And whatever you set out to do, you will prosper. And while you believe and speak these things, make sure you are taking the steps in line with your thoughts. And remember, the disposition of the optimist to look for only the good in life gives him increased advantage in finding what he looks for.

Daily Wisdom: Learn to Focus

When you have chosen a good purpose and certain you have chosen well and wisely, focus on making it work. Bend your best energies to it. This is where a lot of us fail; we don’t focus long enough and work hard enough to make our dreams and goals come through. And as a result we are easily distracted from our calling by the many influences around.

In the pursuit of your life purpose daily, you will find people and situations seeking to compete for your time and thoughts. You must protect yourself against them. They are “dream stealers.” Lots of people have failed in making their dreams come true because of these distractions.

Make your resolutions so clear and firm that nothing can lure you from your chosen path of purpose and duty. Don’t sit around dreaming about your future, get up and start doing something about that future. Don’t sit around wishing for a better opportunity or life, get up and start achieving those things you desire.

Greatness is achieved through obsessive focus on your dreams/purpose.

Daily Wisdom: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Mahatma Gandhi said “You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind!” Your mind and your thoughts allow you to feel good anytime, anyplace, no matter what the condition.

In my life I have experienced some hard conditions, and sometimes when people hear about them, they shake their heads in disbelief. But you see, it isn’t what happens to us that define us, but how we interpret what happened to us that define us.

Most of us spend our lives comparing our lives with the lives of others. We become sad, when others achieve some things that we don’t. We judge our lives and that of others based on circumstances and acquisitions. Continue reading Daily Wisdom: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others