Whose Permission Do You Need To thrive?

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It amazes how many people are not doing things based on the opinions of others. Too many of us are not pursuing our dreams because others have told us we couldn’t.
Often I have come to realize that these folks telling you you shouldn’t do this or that, because you can’t, or you are not qualified, are doing this based on fear, envy, their failure, and small size thinking.
If I asked for the opinion of others including my family, I won’t be married today, nor will I be doing what I am doing. Folks it’s not every one who loves you that mean well for you, not because they hate you, but because they don’t have your vision.
Everyone interprets life based on the size of their vision. if your vision is small, all you can see is the impossibilities; the many reasons, why can’t study a particular course, why you can’t get married, why you can’t start your own business, why you can’t leave a political party, why you can’t relocate etc.
You see, no one knows what is the best for you except God and you. Too many times I have seen people make the choice of marriage based on the thinking of their parents only to enter into it live in regret. I have seen people take up jobs they didn’t in because of what the society thinks. I have seen people run to drugs and alcohol to make them forget the mistake of the choices they made, based on the influences of others.

What are others making you do? Are you a person/people pleaser? Ask yourself if the price you are paying to look nice in the eyes of the public is worth it.
What are others not making you do? What told you can’t amount to anything? Who told you can’t live your dreams? Is it the doctor, your parents, your partner or your church or who?
You can be anything you can think about. As long as you can conceive it in your mind and get yourself to believe it, then you can achieve it.
Don’t let the doubts and negative thinking of others stop you because, when people doubt you, they are not doubting you, they are doubting themselves. They look at you and think of themselves and say, if I were Vincent Egoro, or John, or Mary, I won’t do that, I won’t try that, what if I fail, what will i do if it doesn’t work out? So you see it isn’t about you, it is about themselves.
Live your greatest life!

7 thoughts on “Whose Permission Do You Need To thrive?”

  1. This is fantastic, Vincent. I am glad I stopped to read this. Surely, the reason they try to dissuade us is because they doubt themselves. They are measuring our goals by their own perceptions and experiences. they are saying, “If I were Ini, I would be too scared to try that.” So, they subconsciously transfer that fear. Nowadays, I just flee from such people.

    I remember advising my younger sister not to apply to a certain private university years ago ‘because she would be required to write a test.’ I had failed an entrance aptitude test for another private university years earlier so I tried to ‘protect her from failing.’ What absurdity! Now, I know better but it’s so rampant to see people try to cage the dreams of others.

    In spite of all, I rise!

    Thanks for this post and your consistency, Vincent.


    1. Wow! What a story Ini. Thank you so very much for stopping here again and sharing your thoughts. You are an amazing writer, as I follow your work on facebook; Hpen, GBN, and your timeline. Looking forward to further deepening our connection. God bless you.


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