A Call to Leave the Ordinary

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Have you done the best you thought you are capable of doing? Don’t you think there is something still inside you; some untapped potential which if utilized will help you realize the life of your dreams?

Why be satisfied to go on day after day; month after month and year after year being living at the same level, expressing nothing new about you, doing the same old things and habits in the same old way you are used to simply because you are too scared to try out new ways, to test those new ideas that have been ringing in your mind?

For how long will you continue to be just an ordinary employee, just an ordinary woman, just an ordinary man, just an ordinary student, just an ordinary farmer, just an ordinary sales person, just an ordinary house wife, just an ordinary church goer?

My friend, the longer you remain in one position, doing the same things in the same way you are used to, the quicker you will lose your self-worth, and begin to doubt your true inner abilities. It is dangerous to get into a rut simply because you are in your comfort zones; zones that are actually not comfortable at all but you just sit there because you don’t want to take risks as a result of fear.

Wake up from your slumber! Stir yourself into activity before it becomes too late for you kick-start those ideas inside you that have haunted you for so long, but which you have been pushing forward to a “perfect time.” Jesus said, “As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.” Look you don’t have all the time. Soon you will grow older and lose the strength and energy you have now.

Today make up your mind that you are going to win no matter what. Be determined to be in charge of your mind, and not be a slave to any treacherous enemy. Decide that you will go after your dreams even if it means taking only small steps no matter how difficult the day turns out to be. Don’t give in to the voices in you that whisper doubt, which tells you to hold on, to be careful, to go slow; which pulls you back when you are attempting to reach out, trying to do the things you long to do.

Live your greatest life!


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