Never Be Idle

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There are some tasks in every life that are boring or stressful. Some of the young people who drop out school say they find their courses to be dull and uneventful. There are mothers and wives who some days grow tired of the endless chores they have to do for the house. There are some people who have grown tired of the routine of their offices and jobs.

There are some times in our lives when most of us feel that the jobs/assignments that we get to do daily are not worthy of us, they are way below us. But we just do them because we have to survive. These feelings often comes when you have had a taste of better opportunities, earned more money had a glimpse of what success means but you lost it.

May be the reason why you are in the low position you are now is because you lost your job. It may be the death of a benefactor that cut off your income, or a reverse in your business earnings that swept away your fortune, or some sickness that came on you or your loved one has taken up all your savings and now you have to toil and labour and live under very humble conditions.

Or maybe it isn’t any of these but something else that has drastically affected your circumstances, that you find yourself always asking; “How can I go on with this kind of life, how do I endure these difficulties, these going from hand to mouth and always plodding by after having had it so easy for me and having enjoyed the good side of life?”

If that is the case with you, I want you to find comfort in the story in the Bible about how Jesus appeared to the disciples on the sea shore one morning after they had laboured all night. You see the disciples had to take up their dull old work because it was necessary for them to survive, after Jesus died. For thee and half years, Christ changed their status, and now he died and everything seemed over for them, so they had to return to the jobs they had left behind.

But as they worked, there was Christ waiting to greet them and bless them. Accept the boring stressful jobs/business/assignments you have now and do them cheerfully, no matter how below you or how difficult they appear, and God will show himself to you in them. You must realize that God will never come to you when you are avoiding doing whatever you have to do in the mean time, when you are idle, when you are complaining and discontented over any circumstances or conditions you are facing now.

God never show himself to idle dreamers or to complainers who never try to do the best with the situation they find themselves.

Live your greatest life!

4 thoughts on “Never Be Idle”

  1. I love how the Lord is using us to share the Word of God! Bless you and your Work

    I have began to use mine for ministry purposes of course. It is really great to see God using people to paint many pictures of truth and in our own way.
    I am looking to become a Christian Writer, at least helping me with my teaching gifts, and inspirational spirit from God!. If you could take the time to check out some of mine as well and share them with others. I pray that it blesses you always. In Jesus name.
    Thank you so much Daniel Byzewski


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