Do You Wish Life Was Easier? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

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Who doesn’t want an easy life? I think most people do. I do. There are some days when I honestly which life can be easy always, but I know that the easiest things are not always the best things. Or as a saying goes, “nothing good comes easy.”

Usually in life you have to pay a price for anything good that is worth its value. In our markets, things are valued based on their cost. If something is sold cheap when it isn’t an auction or on sale, it often means that the value isn’t much.

Our success in life is rated this way too. If success comes to you easily without any cost of effort or sacrifice, its value to us isn’t much and we lose it the same way we acquired it. But if we acquired it through self-denial, tears, much effort and pain, we will do everything we can to make sure we stay successful.

Folks life is full of grind. Grinding begins from childhood. From the moment you learn to speak, there is school for you with its set hours, its lessons, rules, tables, tasks, recitations. Then, when you grow up, instead of getting away from this bondage of routine, this grinding, it goes on just as in childhood.

Some of you have to rise at the same hour every morning, and hurrying away to work and doing the same things over and over, six days in the week, fifty-two weeks in the year, and on and on unto life’s end. For most people there is almost no break in the monotonous rounds of their days through the long years.

I know there are people who wish they could break away from such endless routines in lfe, and think of the hustle and grind as a heavy burden which isn’t needed in a beautiful life.

But the truth is most of the valuable things in life can only be acquired this way. The daily grind and hustle, as stressful and disagreeable as it is, yields rich treasures of good and blessing.

As I always teach in most of my speaking engagements, to be successful in life, you must possess some fundamental qualities like; Focus, hard work, Timeliness, skill, initiative, perseverance, courage, cheerfulness under difficulties, self-control, sacrifice, delayed gratification, temperance etc. And nowhere else can these qualities be gotten except through the daily grind and pressure from the duties we find stressful, boring or laborious.

“It is because we have to go, morning after morning, through rain, through shine, through headache, heartache, to the appointed spot and do the appointed work; because, and only because, we have to stick to that work through the eight or ten hours, long after rest would be so sweet…it is because, and only because, of the rut, plod, grind, hum-drum in the work, that we get at last those self-foundations laid,” which are essential for us to become successful.

Live your greatest life!

8 thoughts on “Do You Wish Life Was Easier? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t”

  1. Definitely agree…easiest things are NEVER the best things…effort hones skill leading to satisfaction and achievement. I’m sceptical…and if something is too easy…I feel it’s a scam…it means I gain nothing by doing it…don’t grow in any way whatsoever…feel it’s for the benefit of whoever has asked me to do it! And shortcuts are basically shooting yourself in the foot…(that’s what I feel) I love the process far more than the product. Cos life is about growth not gratification.


  2. This is a great article! I couldn’t agree more with your view! I especially like the comparison between our accomplishments and commodities in our marketplace! It’s one that most people can relate to! Great post!


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