You Too Can Be Like Christ to Someone

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In the New Testament Bible you find so many wonderful tales of the powerful touch of Christ when he was on earth. Wherever he went we are told of how he laid his hand, left a blessing, healed the sick, comforted the sad, and gave the troubled peace.

But Christ isn’t physically present with us anymore. He lives with the Father above. But what about his touch? Everyone longs for the touch of Christ; we yearn for it in our prayer meetings, in churches, at home, at work, at school, every day we cry for that special touch of Christ.

While Christ is still touching lives in our midst, there is another way in which his touch is felt in human lives; through us. He himself said, “As the Father hath sent me, even so send I you.” God has ordained you and I to save the world, to heal, help, comfort, lift up and build up others.

We have been called and ordained to be as Christ in the lives of the people around us but too often we fail in this responsibility as, we too expect God to come down and save the world when we are his human agents and instruments.

In our church and communities today, someone comes to you complaining of hunger and lack of money to buy food to eat, we pray for them that God will provide their needs. Don’t we think that we are the ones God has positioned to provide for that need to that brother or sister?

Someone we know isn’t doing well, is gradually failing in life, is in danger of being lost. What do we do? We cry to God, begging him to lay his hand on the troubled life and restore them. But shouldn’t we stretch forth our hand in love and help the person who is in danger?

In my country today, we find churches building large auditoriums while there is so much poverty and challenges in the very neighbourhoods their buildings are situated. If Christ truly lives in you, then Christ would love others through us, and others must feel the touch of God through our own.

Every one of us who is a Christian believer ought to be in his/her own unique way an incarnation of Christ. The Apostles weren’t called “Christians” in Antioch just because they preached the gospel, but because they treated people the same way Christ would treat them. They shared, cared comforted, provided for their communities the same way Christ would have, were he to be around.

“Everywhere about us there are lives, cold, and cheerless, and dull, which by the touch of our hand, in loving warmth, in Christ’s name, would be wondrously blessed and transformed.” Love is much more than mere words.

Live your greatest life!

2 thoughts on “You Too Can Be Like Christ to Someone”

  1. This is so eloquently worded and beautiful. As someone who left the church in which I was raised, I’ve found that the only way I can heal that spiritual pain is through spirituality itself. And this post reminds me that God resides in all of us, to do his work and to love others. Thank you for the reminder.


  2. Yes – we are the hands and feet of Christ. We must not only speak but do what GOD has called us to do and to do it where he has placed us. The times and places we all live and move and have our being are determined by him, and we need to actively pursue what he has given us to do right where we are. Thanks for this post!


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