Called to Be Faithful

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Are you waiting on God to do your work for you? Look God is waiting for you to start. Even God cannot do our work without us, without our skills, our faithfulness. Every one of us has been called to do our work faithfully no matter what it is.

Unfortunately today, most people are neglecting their callings/work/skills/talents/business because they think it is too small for them. Look no matter what you are doing, God has called you to that work; whether you are a carpenter, mechanic, hair stylist, driver, care giver, writer, blogger, speaker etc. you are required to be the best you can be at what you do. God expects you to do the very best work you can possibly do in your line of work.

So whenever you do careless, dishonest, imperfect, slighted work, you are robbing God. The bible says, whatever work you do, you should do it as you are doing it unto God and not unto man. How faithful are you to the work you are doing now? Faithfulness requires that you do the best you can always in everything we do.

Be faithful. Some people are faithful only in big assignments, where their names will be written in the lights, where they will be applauded and recognized for their work, but neglect the little tasks that are behind the scenes, which no one recognizes, or praise them.

Folks no work/business/assignment can be too small to be done unfaithfully. “Unfaithfulness in the smallest things is unfaithfulness, and God is grieved, and possibly sometime, somewhere, disaster may come as the consequence of the neglect.

On the other hand, faithfulness is pleasing to God, though it be only in the sweeping well of a room, or the doing neatly of the smallest things in household care. Then faithfulness is far-reaching in its influence.”

The world isn’t quite complete without you doing your own little work well.

Live your greatest life!

9 thoughts on “Called to Be Faithful”

  1. It is the journey of the soul to find its joy in His Divine Companionship…that no matter what we are doing it is for His greater glory, that no task is without Him even if it is merely the washing of a pot or a sweeping of a floor all is given for Him. Thank you Vincent for another opportunity to find purpose in our lives as He desires… Hugs!


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