How Are We to Think About The Difficulties We Meet in Life?

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Most people regard the difficulties they encounter as great misfortunes, and they are right. But that isn’t completely true about difficulties, that aren’t the only way to see them. In fact there is a better way to think about difficulties.

Difficulties are often, when rightly used, often great blessings in disguise. And this is how you should always see and think about them. Most people complain about having to meet with difficulties in their start-ups, relationships, or early years in marriage. But on the contrary they ought to be thankful.

Because every difficult we face cause us to think outside the box, enables us to reach for that part of our minds that we have allowed to grow weeds, spur us to travail, become more resilient and resourceful.

Think about those giant trees in your parks, like that giant oak tree or any other tree that has been standing since when you were a little kid going to school or playing with your friends. The tree hasn’t lasted this long, grown that big and strong just because the ground was fertile, NO!

It has lasted this long, become that strong because of the various climatic changes that led it to gig its roots deeper in order to remain standing.

Now think about your life. Just like that tree you just pictured, your life has been this beautiful because of the challenges you faced. It may not have been easy for you; experiencing that messy divorce, losing a loved one, losing your job, your house being foreclosed, becoming sick, your business failing, and losing all your investments etc.

But it is because of all those experiences that you have become better today. Now you can share your story with someone and enable them deal with their difficulties better. Do you now agree that difficulties aren’t really misfortunes if we think about them correctly?

Difficulties bring out our reserve power. They are ordained by God to awaken the slumbering powers within us to life, activity and prosperity. So stop running from them, and embrace them.

Live your greatest life!

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