5 Secrets of Thomas Edison’s Success

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Most of us know the story of Thomas Edison, his inventions and their relevance in our world today, several years after his death.

Did you know he arrived New York from Boston (USA) friendless, and heavily in debt due to his failed experiments in Boston? I stumbled on an old interview of his in which he shared the principles that caused him to succeed in life and business.

I have decided to share those principles with you, as they are still very true today as they were back then, and they help you immensely in your journey to success:

  1. Being broke and hungry is a blessing

When Thomas Edison was asked if he believed hunger, and lack can compel a person to achieve success, he said “It certainly makes him keep a sharp look out. I think it does push a man along.”

I totally agree with this statement. I too believe being broke and hungry is a blessing, as it pushes you to go the extra-mile to do anything legitimate to change your situation. (see The power of broke book by Daymond John)

So rather than complain about your present state, let it be the fire that you need to drive you to success.

  1. Be willing to put in long hours on your goals

How hard do you work on your dreams and goals? I find that most people lack the ability to spend enough time working on their dreams and goals. Folks working 8am – 4pm or 9am – 5pm will only earn you a living in most cases. If you want to build your business and bringing huge success, you must be willing to work longer than 5pm.

Thomas Edison said, for 15 years he worked for 20 hours a day. Now while that may be going to the extreme, that was how much time he had to give in order to be who he is to us, and carved his name in the tablet of immortality.

  1. Success isn’t as a result of luck or chance

It really amazes me how so many people are waiting on some good fortune or luck to help them become successful. Today, too many people are taking the easy way out. They don’t want to risk anything instead they sit, wish, and hope that things will somehow work out for them in the end.

Thomas Edison was asked about his discoveries and inventions, if they came to him while he slept? But he responded, “I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come indirectly though accident, except the phonograph. No. when I have fully decided that the result is worth getting, I go about it, and make trial after trial until it comes.”

Think about this. How many times are you willing to try and keep trying until you reach your goals? Do you even have the goals?

  1. Love what you do – it shouldn’t be about the money

Two weeks ago, someone contacted me on Facebook, that he has been following my work, but he was was curious, so he wanted to know if I was making money from posting free blogs and sharing on social media. My response; “I put impact over the money. Making money isn’t my primary goal. I am doing this to serve others. The money always follows the service.”

Thomas Edison was asked, “what makes you work? What impels you to this constant tireless struggle? You have shown that you comparatively nothing for the money it makes you, what is?” He said, “I like it. I don’t know of any other reason.”

What about you, why are you doing the work you do? Do you love what you do? Think about you’re your answer. If you don’t love what you do, you will quit when you realise that the success, or the money you were expecting doesn’t come as quickly, or in the volume you anticipated.

  1. Focus on one thing at the time.

One of the major reasons most people are so unproductive is a lack of focus. They carry on too many projects together, and in the end, are unable to complete them excellently.

Thomas Edison began his day by 7am and slept by 11pm all through his successful days. Here’s his advice; “If you are up at seven ‘o’ clock and go to bed at eleven, you have put in sixteen good hours and it is certain with most men that they have been doing something all the time.

They have been either walking, reading, working or thinking. The only trouble is that they do about a great many things and I do about one. If they took the time in question and applied it in one direction, to one subject, they would succeed…The trouble lies in the fact that people do not have an object – one thing to which they stick, letting all else go.”

Folks these are priceless success principles that are still very much relevant today. Which one of these resonates with you? Please do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Live your greatest life!

12 thoughts on “5 Secrets of Thomas Edison’s Success”

  1. I think we all here admire Edison and his thousand patents, and I enjoyed your post summarizing his secrets of success which we all can benefit from emulating.


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