Podcast Episode 17: Have You Found Yourself?

Are you wondering or you are ordering? Too many people go from the cradle to the grave without discovering their true selves, purpose, or gifts. They go from job to job, business to business, living unfulfilled and unproductive lives.

The greatest moment in life is the moment you discover your inner powers, and strive to be the man or woman God created you to be.

This inspiring, reflective episode shares with you the importance of finding your inner true self and living your greatest life.

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How Not to Make Money


Why have we become so hypocritical on the subject of money? Most people (especially religious ones) have formed the habit of pretending publicly to despise or not be concerned about money, while actually they are working their heads off, taking double shifts, combining their jobs with side businesses, or running two, three enterprises, just to get more of it.

I read blogs, and listen to speeches where people advise others especially the young or those under them to shun the pursuit of money and seek the higher good, yet the very blog, and the speech they give is a money making opportunity for them.

The other day, I was with an older person who wanted a service from me, and after telling him my fees, he went ahead to say, “must it be all about the money?” I felt saddened by the hypocrisy of this man. Yes I believe that everything isn’t and shouldn’t be about the money, in fact I go out to genuinely help people, it is even one of the reasons why I don’t bill churches each time I am invited to give talks.

But folks, aren’t we all out to make money? Or is there anything bad about being paid for your services? In a developing nation like Nigeria where I live, the importance of having money is felt daily. As you will need to have a lot of money in order for you to be just comfortable.

There is nothing evil about money, what the bible warned against was the love of money; the extend which we go in getting the money. What we should be weary of is the price we are paying to get the money we so need. Continue reading How Not to Make Money

This is Why You Seem Stuck

Why is it so easy for most people to believe in the abilities of others but themselves? I have seen people who don’t seem to have any doubts in their minds about other people being able to accomplish and deliver excellently what they choose to do or are assigned, but they themselves are always shaky and shy away from stepping up to new responsibilities. They lack self-faith.

Most people pray to God for promotion, breakthrough, and increase in income, yet they shrink from anything that will give them more discipline, better training and more experience. They let the opportunities they seek go by, saying the new task or position is beyond them, it is hard, or distasteful.

In almost every office, in every sphere of life you find these kind of people with so much talents and potentials, yet they decline every position of responsibility they are offered because they are shy. Some in this group will tell you they have to be informed ahead so that they can be “well prepared” and no matter how much advance notice you give them, they still don’t step up when duty calls. Continue reading This is Why You Seem Stuck

At What Cost Do You Obtain Your Success?

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So many writers have defined success. And every individual striving to achieve success has his or her own interpretation of what success means for them. What does success means to you?

To me, success is the achievement of something that is worthwhile, that will make my world richer and better, and me being able to contribute to the common good of others. That’s what I strive for, that’s what I live for.

I also believe that success also includes being able to acquire wealth, because nothing much can be done without money in our world today. Too many people are need, too many people are struggling such that to make their lives better you just have to give to them.

And I know that there are many who also share these thoughts with me, who believe that one of the metrics of judging success is how much money you have acquired. That’s why we work on our jobs or businesses isn’t it. Continue reading At What Cost Do You Obtain Your Success?

How to Succeed In Spite of Discouragements

In life all sorts of things happen to us; adversity, setbacks, and challenges hit us on all sides as we pursue our dreams.

Folks we can allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by discouragements when we are hit by these adversities, or we can decide to rise above them, but we just have to decide.

It is natural for us to think of all the wonderful things we would do if we could get rid of things that block our way and defeat our successes. If we didn’t have to struggle with disappointments, with heartaches, with trials and troubles of all sorts.

But in spite of all those wishes, the real test of our greatness and character is whether or not we will fulfil our ambitions and desires to the letter, whether we will execute our plans regardless of the things that are presently trying to pull us down.

Never be discouraged when things don’t work out for you the way you plan them. instead develop the courage to press on until you succeed. Continue reading How to Succeed In Spite of Discouragements

Do You Speak Right?

Vincent Egoro

These days too much emphasis is being laid on the quality of our actions and deeds towards others. Many times we strive to live righteously, by doing…but how about our words? How righteous are they? To me it really doesn’t count much if you are kind to me and do other many great things for me, but still curse me.

Folks, words are powerful, yet many of us don’t realise this. Let your words compliment your actions. It was said of Jesus in John 7:46 “No man ever spoke like this man.” Think about this. Can others say the same about you, as a Christian?

In other to live your greatest life, always remember that,

“A careless word may kindle strife, A cruel word may wreck a life; A bitter word may smite and kill, A brutal word may accomplish nil; But, A gracious word may smooth the way, A…

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Podcast Episode 16: How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Have you got dreams and goals that you keep you awake at night, yet you don’t know how to realize them?

In this inspiring episode I share some easy yet powerful tools you can use to make your dreams a reality.

Take a listen and share it with others. Also kindly share your thoughts about this episode with me.


Men Don’t Have The Last Word in This World’s Affairs

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Lots of people cry, give up, or even die because of the verdicts, or opinions of people whom they regard and trust. For instance, the doctors in their expertise may tell you that your case is terminal, a loved one may tell you, you are not good enough for them, or the teachers in school may say you are not intelligent etc.

Folks men do not have the last word in this world’s affairs! The human hand isn’t omnipotent. Your case isn’t over just because someone says it is. Men make statements; make plans and calculations, forgetting that there is a God that rules in the affairs of men.

Perhaps there are people who have told you that it is over for you, or who have told you that your hopes and dreams can never be realized, that you are merely building castles in air and so on. Well what they say about you or to you would be true is there was no God. But there is a God, – a God of power, of love, and He answers prayers.

I have heard so many people blame God when things go wrong with them, when their plans are broken, or when they lose a loved one. But this isn’t suppose to be so, because when a good God loving person suffers, it is because God permits it, because it is his will, and it is a blessing even though you don’t know it. Continue reading Men Don’t Have The Last Word in This World’s Affairs