Men Don’t Have The Last Word in This World’s Affairs

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Lots of people cry, give up, or even die because of the verdicts, or opinions of people whom they regard and trust. For instance, the doctors in their expertise may tell you that your case is terminal, a loved one may tell you, you are not good enough for them, or the teachers in school may say you are not intelligent etc.

Folks men do not have the last word in this world’s affairs! The human hand isn’t omnipotent. Your case isn’t over just because someone says it is. Men make statements; make plans and calculations, forgetting that there is a God that rules in the affairs of men.

Perhaps there are people who have told you that it is over for you, or who have told you that your hopes and dreams can never be realized, that you are merely building castles in air and so on. Well what they say about you or to you would be true is there was no God. But there is a God, – a God of power, of love, and He answers prayers.

I have heard so many people blame God when things go wrong with them, when their plans are broken, or when they lose a loved one. But this isn’t suppose to be so, because when a good God loving person suffers, it is because God permits it, because it is his will, and it is a blessing even though you don’t know it.

Our plans are continually broken or derailed by life’s changes and challenges, but God’s plans for us are never altered.

Never leave God out when making your plans for the day, week, month or year. Never be discouraged when in the pursuit of your dreams, everything seems to be going against you. Even in your darkest and most discouraging moments, be of good cheer.

And know this, God’s plan for your life includes these challenges, disappointments, or adversity that are troubling you now, so take them in as part of His thoughts, and when you do, not one of them will mar the beauty, and success that God is trying to create for you.

6 thoughts on “Men Don’t Have The Last Word in This World’s Affairs”

  1. “Our plans are continually broken or derailed by life’s changes and challenges, but God’s plans for us are never altered.”

    Thank you Vincent – reading this I couldn’t find that loving – phrase: free will in His plans. I am not so sure that all our life and suffering is “God’s plan” – including the suffering and the pain as well as the good and wonderful. I think by our own choices and the choices of others (who also have free will – no matter how unfair that is to me!) we all “get in the way” too often.

    And that – for me – is the surest sign of all that we have a loving God. To allow us to choose – that is real love.


    1. Thanks for the insight Paul. But based on scriptures, that God has plans for us, for good and not for evil. And in Romans Paul said, all things work together for our good.
      I am more convinced that even our mistakes are part of God’s plans. Because he sees the en from the beginning, and he knows we will make mistakes and so he planned and prepared for that too.
      It’s always good to hear your thoughts on this matters. God bless you.


  2. A good word, Vincent! This past Sunday was challenged to commit each day to God and His purposes and then be open to God’s leading during the day. God will take us into some amazing places with even greater opportunities to be salt and light for Him. Am reminded of Pr 16:9 “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Oh that my way would be established by the Lord!


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