At What Cost Do You Obtain Your Success?

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So many writers have defined success. And every individual striving to achieve success has his or her own interpretation of what success means for them. What does success means to you?

To me, success is the achievement of something that is worthwhile, that will make my world richer and better, and me being able to contribute to the common good of others. That’s what I strive for, that’s what I live for.

I also believe that success also includes being able to acquire wealth, because nothing much can be done without money in our world today. Too many people are need, too many people are struggling such that to make their lives better you just have to give to them.

And I know that there are many who also share these thoughts with me, who believe that one of the metrics of judging success is how much money you have acquired. That’s why we work on our jobs or businesses isn’t it.

But where the real problem is, what length are you willing to go to become successful, to acquire all the money and fame that you seek. What are you giving up in exchange for those rewards and desires? Believe it or not the greatest failures in life are those who give up their lives for the achievement of material success.

Why? Because you gain wealth and fame only to discover that your money can only buy those things that don’t have lasting satisfaction, and that it cannot purchase for you the things that are really worth having.

Jesus once asked; for what then shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? What does it profit you if you get money and fame at the cost of your happiness, health, joy of living, family, and the ability to appreciate the simple things of life?

Think about this before you commit to going for those dreams, those desires. Are they worth price you are about to pay? The cost may not show up today, but certainly, 5, 6, 10 years from now will you get to the end of your life, and still smile and be thankful you did what you are about to do or already doing?….that will determine how truly successful you have been.

2 thoughts on “At What Cost Do You Obtain Your Success?”

  1. yes! thank you! Success came for me when I allowed myself to be the real me. To follow that spirit that wanted to play.To let my creativity run wild. To share my gifts not hoard them. To smile with abandon. When the energy you put out is full of good and love it comes back in all kinds of wonderful forms. My bank account might not reflect the amount of “wealth” I have but wow have I been given much.


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