This is Why You Seem Stuck

Why is it so easy for most people to believe in the abilities of others but themselves? I have seen people who don’t seem to have any doubts in their minds about other people being able to accomplish and deliver excellently what they choose to do or are assigned, but they themselves are always shaky and shy away from stepping up to new responsibilities. They lack self-faith.

Most people pray to God for promotion, breakthrough, and increase in income, yet they shrink from anything that will give them more discipline, better training and more experience. They let the opportunities they seek go by, saying the new task or position is beyond them, it is hard, or distasteful.

In almost every office, in every sphere of life you find these kind of people with so much talents and potentials, yet they decline every position of responsibility they are offered because they are shy. Some in this group will tell you they have to be informed ahead so that they can be “well prepared” and no matter how much advance notice you give them, they still don’t step up when duty calls.

And as such their possibilities remained undeveloped because they never discover themselves and what they are capable of achieving in life or at work.

Does this apply to you? You may not have the ambition, the desire, or the inclination to take responsibility. You may prefer to have an easier life, and to let somebody else worry about the paper work, the hard times, the dull seasons, and the panics.

But, if you expect to bring out the greatest possibilities in you, if growth, if success, is your goal, you cannot realize them while hiding in the background and refusing to step up to higher responsibilities when they are presented to you.

“Every man or woman who goes through the world with great continents of undiscovered possibilities locked up within him commits a sin against himself and that which borders on a crime against civilization. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself. “

Have faith in your own ability, dare to think original thoughts and go against the grain sometimes. Don’t be content to be a mere cog in a machine. Remember whatever others have done and achieved, you too can do them if only you try.

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