How Not to Make Money


Why have we become so hypocritical on the subject of money? Most people (especially religious ones) have formed the habit of pretending publicly to despise or not be concerned about money, while actually they are working their heads off, taking double shifts, combining their jobs with side businesses, or running two, three enterprises, just to get more of it.

I read blogs, and listen to speeches where people advise others especially the young or those under them to shun the pursuit of money and seek the higher good, yet the very blog, and the speech they give is a money making opportunity for them.

The other day, I was with an older person who wanted a service from me, and after telling him my fees, he went ahead to say, “must it be all about the money?” I felt saddened by the hypocrisy of this man. Yes I believe that everything isn’t and shouldn’t be about the money, in fact I go out to genuinely help people, it is even one of the reasons why I don’t bill churches each time I am invited to give talks.

But folks, aren’t we all out to make money? Or is there anything bad about being paid for your services? In a developing nation like Nigeria where I live, the importance of having money is felt daily. As you will need to have a lot of money in order for you to be just comfortable.

There is nothing evil about money, what the bible warned against was the love of money; the extend which we go in getting the money. What we should be weary of is the price we are paying to get the money we so need.

So here is a question for you, how much of yourself are you willing to sell for money? Whatever answer you give is none of my business, everyone has to answer for themselves and live with the consequences of our choices.

Personally, there are some things I am not willing to sell for money:

I will not sell my health, I will rather live a full life than die twenty years before my time, nor spend my old age in emergency wards of hospitals.

I will not sell my honour; I will not engage in any business that doesn’t contribute something to improve my world, no matter how profitable it is.

I will not sell my family. This is the most important thing to me, why gain so much money and not have the people you care about partake in it?

I will not sell my soul. For what shall it profit me if I gain the whole world but lose my soul in the end?

Again what about you, what will you not sell for money?

My friend, get money but stop once in a while to do a self analysis, and figure out what it is costing you to get the money. No person gets money without exchanging something in return. The wise exchange their time, energy, products, skills, or services. The fool gives his life.

Live your greatest life!

3 thoughts on “How Not to Make Money”

  1. Reblogged this on Moore to Say and commented:
    The pursuit of money or wealth in order to care for family and loved ones and to allow for comfort in life is not a bad thing. The pursuit of money for social stature and to buy pretty things at the cost of your health might be.


  2. I sure won’t sell my soul for money. A friend said the same to me last week, I gave him a whatever response. Should I go begging for money I wondered? I see nothing wrong with making money, I will see something wrong with it if the process is harmful, deceitful and fraudulent. Discovered your blog via Moore To Say’s blog. Well done.


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