Here Is Why Your Dreams Are Not Being Realized

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Some time back, business took me to a rural community, where I met an older woman among the other people I had cause to interact with. This lady had a very compelling story that I still think about till this day.

The lady told me about her dreams; her dreams of freedom, about how she dreamed of life in the “big city”, where she will be rich building houses, owing cars, and having enough to give back to her community. I spent hours with her listening to her dreams…dreams she never chased.

Now in the city I meet many people too with dreams; with dreams of building big businesses, travelling round the world, being financially free, they talk about all the greatness they will achieve and when night comes, they sleep thinking they have achieved something…dreams.

Most of us are creative dreamers. We build cities and businesses, we paint pictures, do great things, all in obedience to an inner impulse. But the truth is, as long as we are content to enjoy the dream as a dream, we are slaves. Slaves to our thoughts and wishes.

The slave dreams of freedom, go to bed with those dreams and awakes to his misery. Freedom at any level only comes when we are able to transform our dreams into realities.

Transforming your dreams into realities, requires one decisive first step; it requires FAITH. It is faith that overcomes the world, and makes us free. Little wonder the bible says, “the just shall live by faith.”

Ask many people, especially the Christians, and they the will tell you they have faith. But in reality most of them are confused by the ambiguity in the word. Faith may be regarded as a kind of courage or as a kind of knowledge.

Too many people regard faith as a kind of knowledge; knowing God and what He can do for you, knowing the word of God and the power it contains, but in order to get your dreams into reality, you must begin to regard faith as a kind of courage.

In the New Testament of the Bible, faith is clearly regarded as a kind of courage. It is that force that conquers the fear of darkness and the unknown. It lays hold of what is confessed even when it isn’t physically seen.

By faith Abraham went out from his father’s house, not knowing where he was going. By faith Moses preferred the sorrowful uncertainties of the people of God to the obvious comforts and safety of the Egyptian Court. By faith men chose to live the life of pilgrims and strangers because they sought a better country than they had known.

Obeying this inner impulse they went through fire and flood and put to flight the armies of aliens. This is evidently not knowledge, but an ability to act in advance of knowledge. It is the willingness to take huge risks.

Going after your dreams is risky. There is the possibility of failure, of disappointment, of lack of resources, but these and much more are what anyone who has ever done anything significant in this world has had to meet, and overcome to do the things we celebrate today.

Do you have dreams? Don’t be content to talk about your dreams. Don’t let your dreams die and look back at your life sometime in the future and think in regret of what your life might have been had you chased those dreams.

Your dreams are possible…if you dare!

Live your greatest life

One thought on “Here Is Why Your Dreams Are Not Being Realized”

  1. Faith without works is dead. Just like dreams without action is also dead.
    It takes courage in God to give us the perseverance to keep going.
    Moses kept right on going because his eyes was on the one who is invisible.
    Great post!!


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