No Ordinary Days: How to Make Your Days Count

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Most people complain that their everyday life isn’t interesting. Nothing special happens to them except on some special occasions where they have something to celebrate or mark. Their days are just so-so they claim.

Yet these individuals forget that life is measured and tested in the “everyday life”. Anybody can do well on special occasions. Anybody can do good on Sundays. Any person can be nice and sweet in the midst of gentle influences. Anybody can perform acts of heroism once or twice in their lifetime.

And all these is good, but you must realize that what you do with the ordinary days is the real measure of your life’s character and value. You cannot neglect your ordinary days and expect to have a great year. Often people say “I have had a bad year”, “I haven’t achieved anything worthwhile this year” etc, without realizing that it is 365 days that make a year, and when you don’t take care of those days, you will miss out of the year.

Nearly all the world’s best work is done in the ordinary days, the every days. Too many people have missed of their opportunities because they neglected the common tasks and assignment before them, while looking for big ones that will come on special days.

Folks it isn’t the few conspicuous deeds of life that makes the world better, sweeter, or happier, rather it is the countless small deeds, the people who have been faithful in not despising the small beginnings.

If you are reading this and still thinking that God will only bless you when you do great things, I want you to consider this;

There is a story about a woman who travelled for many years, all over the world, seeking for God in big cities, big churches all in vain. Then in frustration she returned home to do her “ordinary” daily activities, and God showed up while she was engaged in her work, making her know that he was ever so close to her.

My friend, the blessing, the grace, the glory of the Lord is everywhere. “It shines in the lowliest of flowers, in the commonest blade of grass, in dew drop, in every snowflake. It lives in every sunbeam, in every passing cloud. It flows around us in the goodness of each new day. Yet how few of us see this glory.”

You cry out for opportunities and blessings from God, when if you can open your eyes you will see the many opportunities God has placed all around you. There is the glory of God everywhere if only we have eyes to see it.

Live Your Greatest Life!

5 thoughts on “No Ordinary Days: How to Make Your Days Count”

  1. Good post, great thoughts. When I first went to AA meetings, I kind of hated the slogans. My problem was bigger than slogans! Well, aside from the fact that I haven’t drunk for 22 years now, I find the slogans coming back to me, perhaps daily, reminding me of how to live my life. One of my favorites, which I occasionally use for other people, is “Do the next right thing.” When you pile up enough right things, you’ve done some things right! Life is lived in days, and fully living each of them with the intent of doing right things and making others feel better, or smile, or receive a hug (real or spiritual), turns the mundane into something special.

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