The Types Of People You Don’t Need In Your Life, If You Must Succeed

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We need people in our lives. No one can make it alone that is why there has never been a rich hermit. But in order for you to become successful, to make your dreams come true and to live your greatest life, you must stay away from certain persons.

There are certain people who hinder others and make it harder for others to live. They are DISCOURAGERS. Instead of being wings to enable you fly, they are weights that will pull you down. They never have any positive, cheerful, hopeful word for anyone. Instead they always find a way to kill your spirits, kill your hopes, and put clouds into clear skies.

These individuals seem to think that it is a sin to be happy themselves, or to encourage happiness in others. They find all the shadows in life and persist in walking in them. They magnify small issues into big troubles.

These kind of people are always gloomy themselves and so they send out darkness and never brightness to others wherever they go. They make life harder for those they associate with or influence. Instead of comforting you, they make sorrows harder to bear, because they exaggerate it and blot out all the stars of hope that God has sent to shine in our world.

You cannot succeed when you are surrounded by discouragers. Stay away from them. Reduce the time you spend with them if you cannot completely leave them. They make your burdens appear heavier because by their discouraging words, they instil fear and weaken in you.

They make your battles tougher by their warnings and doubts. Their whole effects is to discourage you as you pursue your dreams and goals; they find unpleasant things and point to them; they discover dangers and tell you about them; they look for difficulties and obstacles and tell you about them.

If you meet them in a happy and upbeat mood, you would not spend a whole day with them before you lose all your optimism and positivity. If you turn to them in trouble, you will go away feeling that in your situation is almost hopeless.

We all need to be strengthened and inspired and not to be weakened and discouraged for life’s experiences. And remember the golden rule – do unto others what you want them to do to you. So you too must never act as a discourager to others.

If you meet others cast down and discouraged, you have a responsibility as their friend or associate to never increase their fears and worries but instead uplift them by pointing out the bright side in their clouds and to give them hope and courage.

If you meet people in sorrow, don’t just tell them how sorry you feel for them, how you pity them, but show them real love and empathy. If you find others in the midst of difficulties and struggles, or almost giving up, try to stimulate and inspire them to victory.

My friend if we only have sadness, fears and doubts to give others, we have no right to be among them. There is enough doubts, fears, sadness, and tears in the world already for us to add ours to it.

Make it your mission to be a helper and never a hinderer of others faith and hopes. One word of discouragement from you or anyone is all it takes to destroy someone else’s attempt at pursuing their dreams and goals. That is how powerful our words are. They can start wars or build nations; they can inspire or cause despair; they can encourage or discourage.

Never be a discourager, never associate with one

Live your greatest life.

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