How to Have a Great Life Despite Your Setbacks

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Do you find yourself in a situation where you are asking God why me?

Maybe you have lost your job, lost your marriage, desperately in need of cash, badly hurt from a failed relationship, your health is failing, or you seem to be going from one adversity to the other with no hope of a breakthrough.

Is that the case with you? Then it is you I am writing this message for.

You see in life adversity, setbacks, challenges, negative situations, can occur, and they do occur to everyone often without any advance warning, despite your preparation, careful planning, your faith and closeness to God.

If you are in that position, the question you will be asking is how do I come out of this situation? What do I do to get my life back on track? Can I still find love, get rich, become happy, get a job, rebuild my business, get my family back, regain my health…in spite of all what I have gone/going through?


You see like you I have faced several potential life ending situations in my life. From when I was growing up with my family, all 8 of us crammed in one room that has no kitchen, or toilet, and only able to afford one meal per day. That’s the extreme level of poverty.

Coming from that background, it affected me psychologically, as my academic performance dropped drastically; I spent 2 extra years completing my secondary school education. When I entered the university, I spent 8 years to get a degree that should have taken 5 years.

I have experienced financial failures, after starting a business and growing it with my little savings, and having it go under due to government change of policy, I found myself broke again and needing charity to survive. There were days where I had thought of ending my life until God helped me found a way out.

I have been able to reverse my fortune, and living the life of my dreams, while helping people to do the same with theirs. How did I do that? How did I go from being a guy who was almost a drop out in school, a serial failure in life and business, to being the guy who is being paid so much to share my story?

Well that is what I want to share with you. I really don’t care how badly you have failed, how terrible things have been with you, I want you to know that YOU CAN HAVE A GREAT LIFE DESPITE YOUR SETBACKS.

I have put together my proven steps to how you can have a great life despite your setbacks, into an audio format. They are easy to follow, yet profoundly effective principles that can lift you out of the pit, out of whatever terrible situation you are in.

Hundreds of people have used these principles to find love, start new businesses, get employed, students have used the lessons to reverse their academic scores. The testimonials from emails and calls I get are really mind blowing. That is why I am convinced it will work for you too.

How can you get it?

Simple, this “HOW TO HAVE A GREAT LIFE DESPITE YOUR SETBACKS” Audio costs $9.99 only.

Payment is via PAYPAL. For instructions and further details on how you can pay and get a download link, send email with subject “Greatness” to vincevin247 at yahoo dot com

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