4 Practical Strategies to Succeed Despite The Circumstances

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Times are hard. Almost every country globally is experiencing one form of economic challenge or the other. If you are going through some tough moments, yet you really want to achieve success, here are 4 practical strategies you can use to achieve success in your business/work:

1. Have something to give to the world that is worth giving, that the world wants:

Your success depends not just on your efforts and hard work, but on how people appreciate those efforts. Because no matter how good your work/products/service may be, if it isn’t appreciated your results will be limited. You will be wasting so much time and energy only to benefit no one, not even yourself.

In order to be appreciated, your goal must be to not give the kind of service/products/work you think the world should want, but to give that which you are convinced they want. Remember by seeking to please others with your services, you in turn please yourself. Make what you give so valuable that people will want to buy/pay for your services/products without much effort and persuasion from you.

2. Be determined to serve the world better in your niche than it was ever served before:
Whatever it is you do, know that it can always be done better, and know that that better can be done by you.

The fact that others have failed, or others are not succeeding shouldn’t influence your mind or your conduct negatively. We are not held bound by the shortcomings or failure of others.

In order to serve the world better than it was ever served before, you must seek to improve yourself and your work. Develop the capacity to do more than you are presently doing and bigger opportunities will present themselves to you.

3.Start where you are, with what you have:
Too many people think just because you dream big, you must start big. Some people keep pushing their start dates to the future when things will be perfect.

But for you, do perfectly what you are doing now, but keep your mind open for greater opportunities. To dream too much of the future is to neglect the present. And to neglect the small things while yearning for great things is to live a small life. Be ambitious, be determined to rise in the scale, but use all the force of that determination in perfecting and increasing your relevance in the present moment.

Remember there is only one place to begin, and that is where you are living and working now. Today offers so many possibilities in store for you.

4. Your own will come to you:
Don’t be envious of others success. Yours will come at the right time, but your own will be only as great as you are. So if you wish to increase the quality and quantity of success that will be coming to you, you must first increase the worth and power of your own life.

By becoming better than you are, you will receive more than you do presently. Things that are worthwhile will accumulate in your life to in proportion to your own value and ability to do worthwhile things.

Live your greatest life!

4 thoughts on “4 Practical Strategies to Succeed Despite The Circumstances”

  1. Vincent thank you for the inspirational post. Such good reminders for enriching our lives and making us more generous to those around us.


  2. Would differ a little bit on Your: ‘give to the world that is worth giving, that the world wants.’ In that, what the ‘world’ wants is Titillation. …Better would be to give the world what it NEEDS, whether it wants it or not. …In the final equation, That is what the Lord would be judging us by. …Hearty Regards.


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