How To Tell Whether Your Decision IS Right Or Wrong

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Every day in life, we have to make choices, from what to eat, what to wear, where to go, what movie to watch and so on. But sometimes, the choices we have to make are not as easy or as simple as choosing the flavour of ice cream to have, or where to have lunch.

Someone had sent me an email after watching my video where I talked on this subject matter, and on the email she asked; “When there seem to be two ways of working out a problem in business or in any of the various walks of life, and we decide on a way which seems best, how can we tell, when there are so many arguments against that way, whether the decision is right or wrong?”

And here was my response to that email:

There are times when human wisdom is inadequate to tell us just what is the right thing to be done. Under such circumstances there is nothing for us to do but to choose that which seems to agree with our highest sense of right, knowing that God’s word regulate and governs all things; and even if we choose the wrong way, we as Christians know through God’s word and His Spirit in us, that God will not all us to continue in a mistake, but will show us the right way and compel us to walk therein.

When we have reached the point where we are willing to do what seems to us to be best and then leave the problem with God, knowing that He will adjust everything according to His unchanging law, we can then withdraw ourselves entirely from the proposition, drop all sense of responsibility, and feel secure in the knowledge that God corrects and governs all things righteously.

All we ever need to do is that which is pleasing in the sight of God, that which conforms to divine requirements. If our good is evilly spoken of, this does not affect the situation in any degree, since God does not hold us accountable for the action of others. Our responsibility ceases when we have complied with the demands of good, and there we can afford to let any question rest.

It makes no difference how much is at stake or what is involved, if we succeed in getting ourselves out of the way, we can then be satisfied with the words of the prophet, “The battle is not yours, but God’s … set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord.”

We cannot hope to work out of this human sense of existence without making mistakes. We may make many, but will profit by them all. We are at liberty to change our belief of things as often as we get new light.

We should not let our vanity compel us to adhere to a proposition simply because we have taken a stand thereon. We should be willing to relinquish our former views and change our thought on any subject when we know better through the wisdom from God’s word and His Spirit in us.

Live your greatest life!


3 thoughts on “How To Tell Whether Your Decision IS Right Or Wrong”

  1. I enjoyed reading your article today. Thank you for your words. Thank you very much for the like you gave my recent post. I hope that I can continue to have your support in the future. I’ve followed you now, so I plan to receive guidance from you in the coming times.
    Thank you again, have a wonderful day!


  2. Your advice is always useful. But then when you take it from the word of God, you are pretty safe! I like the expression “in God’s time, not ours.” One can never be sure what the right decision is, but we usually know what is right and what is wrong, so that can help. We can know if we are being responsible, and if our motives are moral. Bad decisions are, unfortunately, how we learn sometimes. Praying over something helps to focus our thoughts and motivations, and perhaps feel some guidance from our heavenly Father.


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