The 2 Things Hindering Your Personal Achievement

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One of the saddest things in life is the fact that people measure themselves by their weaknesses instead of their strengths. They look at themselves and underrate their true capacities and what they can achieve.

Only very few people realize just how much self-confidence, and self-belief is a great creative force because you accomplish things in life almost to the exact proportion to your inner belief. In the course of my work as a coach, I meet with a lot of people who have everything it takes to succeed, yet they don’t, or whatever they achieve pales in comparison to what they can truly accomplish.

One of the causes of this inner self-doubt and a lack of confidence is always comparing yourself with others; thinking others are better gifted, and qualified than you are.  I hear people say that their lack of a university degree, or a masters degree keeps them away from success.

While I believe that having a good education is important, it does instils some level of confidence in you, I don’t believe that your success depends on it. But if you are sensitive on this question of a lack of education, assume as close as possible, the attitude of an educated person. Never tell anyone of your educational deficiencies. Get knowledge. Educate yourself, but don’t let the fact that you failed to spend four years on a campus kill your ambitions.

Don’t let the fact that you lack strong family connections or background; dampen your inner belief either. Instead of regretting and complaining that you are not the son or daughter of a highly influential person, determine to make yourself successful and highly influential for your own children.

Another reason people are not achieving much in comparison with their true capacity is their unwillingness to pay the price for success. They want things but don’t want them badly enough to keep working for them. They wish for riches, success and fame, but refuse to pay for them. They don’t want to earn them, but want them to fall on their laps. And yet they wonder why their lives are still the same.

Does that sound like you? If you really want something, you must want it badly enough, as that desire will kindle the fire necessary to burn your way to it. No one ever did something or got anything who was not filed with a strong, hungry desire. The person who feels and hungers for achievement will make every effort to satisfy that hunger.

When you are hungry for food so bad, you go great lengths to get food to eat. That is exactly what people who are hungry for success, all the successful people you know, do to their hunger for success. When you want your success as bad as you want food, you will achieve it.

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6 thoughts on “The 2 Things Hindering Your Personal Achievement”

  1. Great tips! I think we also cannot let others define success for us because the definition is different for everyone. It’s not always about riches or glory, sometimes it’s just about the satisfaction of being authentic. I just read a post with a quote which I’ll paraphrase because I can’t remember the exact wording: Comparison with others steals our joy.

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  2. I always had great ideas for books that I had never tried to write. It finally got to the point where I had to do something about it. My first novel took 3 years to write. It was so rewarding to know that I had set a goal and achieved it. Sacrifice is definitely required but it ends being enjoyable and the sacrifice dies away. Great insights.


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