Is Money All You Receive From Your Work? Pt.1

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I went to the inner part of the city I live this past week, and there I saw something I haven’t seen in many, many years now; Men and youths gathering around to play board games, and argue of trifle matters and events.

As I stopped for a while to really try to analyse the situation in my head, I still couldn’t understand why people with so much abilities could be “idling” or “killing time” so early in the day. So when I met with the person I went to meet with in the area, I asked him, why are these able bodied people wasting their lives?

To that he responded; “you haven’t seen anything yet. There are no opportunities.”

Do you or someone you know think this way? That you don’t have opportunities or resources to prosper and have a great life in our economy today?

The truth you must know is, for anyone who has the ability, there is always opportunity available. Just as the fields wait for the plough, and the sea wait for the ships and boats, so does God stand ready to corporate with you in your labours, and to reward you according to your diligence and industry.

The statement, “There are no jobs, no opportunities, or nothing for me to do with my ability” is either an expression of vanity, an excuse for negligence, or a confession of lack of mental resource, or of inability to utilize opportunity.

There are numerous opportunities to prosper today. In fact so many people have proven that a downturn in the economy presents a big opportunity for those who have the ability to think and look beyond the obvious, and who also have the capacity for work.

Perhaps  you have a job or business and you think well I am working so this doesn’t affect me. Well don’t go yet, just  read on.

 There are two kinds of work, do you know the kind you do?

Work is either a loving labour or enforced slavery. If as a worker your only objective is to get through your work week in week out in order to draw your salary, and you have no love for, and no interest in your work beyond what it represents in cash, you are a slave and not a true worker.

It means you are labouring only under the compulsion of necessity. Your interest is in getting instead of doing. You give your services grudgingly and perfunctorily, but you receive your pay with all eagerness. All you strive for is an opportunity to less and less work, and get more and more salary.

My friend, “less work and more pay is the cry of slaves, and not of men.

On the contrary, the person whose heart is centred in his or her work, who aims at the perfect performance of his or her duty, is a true worker whose usefulness and influence are cumulative and progressive, carrying him on from success to greater and greater success, from low spheres of work to higher and higher still.

Thinking little or nothing of the wages, and much of the work; caring not for the gaining of reward, but eager and willing in service, he/she is sealed by God as one of her chosen “sons”, fitted by virtue of his unselfish labours to receive the greater excellence and the fuller reward.

I am not saying your shouldn’t be paid for the work you do.

The wages of work are sure. In the universal economy no person is cheated; you cannot be defrauded of your just earnings, because every effort you put in receives its proportionate result. But while salary (income) is the result of work, it is not the end; it is only a means to a still greater and more far reaching result which brings you progress and increased happiness, to well being.

Here is a secret you should know,

The receiving of so much money for work done does not represent all the rewards of work. Money is, indeed, only a small portion of the actual rewards of true work; while the man who considers that the end of work is reached when he has received the money due, receives all he bargains for, he does not derive complete satisfaction from his labours, nor comprehend or enter the higher spheres of knowledge and usefulness.

In Part 2 of this post I will share with you the 7 types of wages and how you can earn them. So keep an eye for that post.

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Live your greatest life!

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