You Do An Important Work!

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What is the most important reward you get for the work you do? Is the money, the fame, the spotlight, the huge following? As for me, while the money I get helps me keep doing living my mission and meeting my personal needs. The ultimate reward I get is the joy I derive in serving others; in being able to put a smile on someone’s face, in being able to inspire another soul to reach for their greatness through my videos, my books, my podcasts or this blog.

We are all called to do different things for God folks. You see not all of us can follow the path that leads like the Indian’s trail from mountain peak to mountain peak. Many of us walk through lowlands, unseen, and unheard of. Not many of us will have the huge followers, and grace the front pages of leading magazines, but maybe it will only be our families and communities that recognize the work we do. But folks, whatever you have been called to do, just keep doing it faithfully because we are all working for the Master.

While you may not be honoured and appreciated for the work you do, while you may be constantly criticised, and bashed by internet trolls, and other people who don’t understand your part, if you stay faithful to God and the work you do, you will have an unseen Friend in God always beside you.

So then folks, let us rejoice what we do on earth, not for what we shall get in return, not for what men may say of us, not even for the eternal gifts which God in his bounty will bestow upon us, but let us rejoice for that which we may accomplish as co-workers with Jesus Christ, living the world better than we found it, one person at a time.

Let us enjoy all the work we do and rejoice in the gifts God has given us, but let us use those gifts and keep doing our work so that the world may be lifted God-ward and heaven will bend nearer to meet us.

2 thoughts on “You Do An Important Work!”

    1. Thank you so much sir for following my work God bless you. About your question, it is certainly not me, I guess I may look like someone you might have met there. I have never been to Texas. Thanks again for your kindness.


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