Don’t Pray That It Be Easy: Strive!

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Are you looking for the easy life? Lots of folks are looking for the easy path to success and money making. Folks this world is not easy, the only place that is easy is the grave!

As a coach, I meet people who say, “if a successful life were easy I would live it.” “If in this world there were not so many things to upset and tempt me, if I was born within a rich family or in a country that is conducive and supports my aspirations, if my parents, or my brothers or my children were consecrated to pure and holy ideals, I too would have been successful. But it is impossible for people like me to make it, considering all we have to up against.”

Some even go ahead with their defence and excuses, by pointing at people who have committed suicide, to the number of people who are failing in their aspirations, who are living in poverty as evidence of life’s failure and disaster. They point to those who have been subdued and held back by life’s setbacks and adversities.

Folks it is true that many people may be struggling and failing in life, but that is not a result of the obstacles, but it is largely due to themselves. If you are feeling the same way, blaming your current situation on the obstacles on your path, the side of town you were born in, the colour of your skin, the lack of rich parentage, you should realize that without all these obstacles, there can never be real success in life.

“If there be no enemy, no fight, no victory; if no victory, no crown. The triumphant life is possible. It is the only life God meant that men should live. The weakling will fail anywhere; they steadfast can live.” Winning and succeeding in life is about striving. Don’t pray that it be easy, pray for the courage to strive.

Live your greatest life!

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